Palm Beach County, Florida – Robert N. Hartsell is pleased to announce that the firm is representing Sugarland Wind in their environmental and land use permitting.  The proposed project is a 200 megawatt (mw) wind farm located on more than 12,000 acres of agricultural land in the Everglades Agricultural Area.  This is the first wind farm of its kind in Florida.  The land use will not change once wind production begins. Agricultural production will occur up to the base of the wind turbine. Sugarland Wind will share the land with sugar cane farms and will produce clean green domestic energy for up to 60,000 South Florida homes.

Robert Hartsell spent decades cleaning up fossil fuel contamination and litigating cases against coal, nuclear, biomass and other dirty energy sources. He is working for Sugarland Wind because adding more green energy is integral part of protecting the unique wildlife in America’s Everglades. America’s Everglades is extremely susceptible to global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions and Sugarland Wind is a part of the solution.

Wind power is a clean and renewable energy source which generates electricity in an environmentally responsible manner that is free of carbon emissions, uses no water and produces no residual hazardous waste.  This project is compatible with Comprehensive Everglades Restoration and its design avoids any potential restoration lands. Wind energy is completely renewable, sustainable and predictable. It can be used for centuries without worry about its effects on future generations.  This is particularly a win win scenario for South Florida where we have fought off pressure for drilling for fossil fuels offshore and in the Everglades for decades.  In light of the Fukushima disaster, BP Gulf oil spill, Exxon Valdez Prince William Sound tragedy, TVA Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill, Appalachia mountain top removal, numerous Biomass plant explosions and countless other energy mishaps, wind energy is a a superior solution to today’s energy needs.

This complex, cutting edge project is the new frontier in the field of environmental and land use law. Wind Capital Group has assembled a strong team of accomplished professional engineers, planners and wildlife experts.  Robert N. Hartsell, P.A. is proud to be part of this distinguished team and represent Sugarland Wind on this pioneer wind farm project that is very important to keep South Florida moving towards using clean green domestic energy.

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